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    • 28 SEP 15
    Research at PIN

    Research at PIN

    Dr. Tiago Maia is a member of PIN’s team and as international reference on investigation field. He is a fundamental connection with cientific partners such as the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Lisbon or Champalimaud Foundation, to name a few. Check more about his work here. The research on Tourette Syndrome is

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    • 27 SEP 15
    New York actor defends a child that interrupted a play

    New York actor defends a child that interrupted a play

    The actor, Kelvin Moon Loh, said the woman he presumed to be the mother was doing her best after the child, with Autism Spectrum Disorder,  interrupted a performance of “The King and I.” Check the full info here.

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    • 26 SEP 15
    Dia Europeu das Línguas

    Dia Europeu das Línguas

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Português.

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