The majority of people might think that research is conducted in laboratories with pipes, complex machines, reagents, etc. Yes, it is indeed, but research in health and social sciences is also about systematic seeking for the best conditions of the answers to the needs of the human being from an ecological, systemic and developmental perspective. And this is done from people to people.

At PIN, this is our motto. Research is conducted in a large laboratory which consists in all space of observation, comprehension and relationship between people, searching – in a systematic and systemic manner – for a way of doing better evaluations and interventions in developmental disorders.

This means broad and focused projects to improve the quality of life of the families we support. The research which we conduct at PIN is done by highly qualified professionals with scientific experience, holding master and doctoral degrees in social and health sciences. Our experience in research is already expressive since PIN staff has developed several projects which were presented at national and international conferences and they were supported by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.


PIN and Champalimaud Foundation established a partnership to feed the scientific knowledge in child and adolescent neurobehavioral disorders. This partnership means a step towards increasing our knowledge of development and neurosciences fields, by working together on basic and clinical research projects and by conducting specialized training which intends to join daily clinical practice at PIN and science.

PIN has been closely working with the neurosciences group at Champalimaud foundation, collaborating in the mission to better comprehend how the brain works during child and adolescent development and behavior. This is a groundbreaking partnership which gathers two excellent teams. PIN is also collaborating with with Faculdade de Motricidade Humana and College of Medical Sciences – University of Lisbon.


Scientific Partnerships

O PIN e a Fundação Champalimaud assinam parceria para alimentar o conhecimento científico nas áreas das perturbações neurocomportamentais infantil e juvenil. Esta parceria simboliza mais um passo em frente no caminho para um maior conhecimento na área do desenvolvimento e neurociências, através da construção de projetos conjuntos de investigação básica, clínica e iniciativas de formação especializada que pretendem aliar a prática clínica diária no PIN à ciência.

O PIN tem vindo a trabalhar com o Grupo de Neurociências da Fundação, colaborando intimamente na missão de melhor compreender o funcionamento cerebral no desenvolvimento e comportamento destas crianças e adolescentes. Trata-se de uma parceria inovadora que reúne duas equipas de excelência.

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